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Wavetank collision issues

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Hi there! 


I've been stuck on this issue for a few days now, and it's really doing my head in. It's seems fairly straightforward, but I just can't get i right. Basically the issue is as follows : Ive got a wavetank (scale - 150, 70,  150) and I've got an oil rig model that I want to function as a static collision object. My problem is that I'm not pleased with the amount of splashes and turbulence that this collision creates so I want to find a way to increase the turbulence/velocity that the collide object generates. I've already tried several methods like using a fluidsource in sops and adding curlnoise from there. It kinda works, but hard to control, especially since my scene scale is so large. 


Also Im converting to vdb and sourcing the proxy volume in the /autodopnetwork/staticobject.  


Does anyone have any immediate thoughts on how I could resove this? 


Help would be greatly appreciated :)










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