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I've completed and uploaded to the orbolt store my rop otl submitToDeadline .


Who is it for:

If you’re a Houdini freelancer or a mid-sized studio and you are looking to use Houdini on the renderfam in the most productive and painless way, and your renderfarm is managed with Thinkbox’s Deadline software then SubmitToDeadline is for you.


What is it:

SubmitToDeadline is a self contained python houdini digital asset, it is quite powerful and handles all sort of dependencies automatically. It basically has similar features and functionalities of proprietary solutions seen at big vfx studios.


-Self contained Houdini Digital Asset
-Automatic handle of all sort of dependencies
-Solid algorythm to traverse networks and build accurate dependencies
-All common rops are supported (currently excluding ‘fetch’)
-Dependencies on a per-job basis
-Mantra rops are submitted as two jobs (ifd and mantra)
-Mantra sub-job dependencies on a per-frame basis








Orbolt page


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Sweet! I was also working on a deadline submit tool a while back. I ended up writing custom python scripts that would parse the hip file and render through hython. I'll take a look at your asset soon.

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I'm going to release an update in a couple of weeks and also dropping the price quite a lot for the compiled version and introducing a more expensive otl with exposed source code.

I'll let you know as soon as the new versions are out on orbolt.

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