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Underwater scene

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Im trying to create an shader in VOPs that would simulate an

underwater look. With caustics etc.

Naturally, I thought that I would have to use an Volume or

Enviroment shader for this and there is such thing in Houdini.

"RSL Volume" shader it is. But it's undocumented! :(

Can anyone explain or give an example maybe on how to use it?

Or even better, does anyone have an Volume shader in .vfl format,

so I can take a look at it?

Thank you!


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Hi, Stremik.

You can write a surface shader for caustics and a fog shader for the "depth" like look.

I have an example which I made for myself. It's a COP caustics generator. You can rewrite my COP to your surf shader. Principles are similar - noise (for example periodic noise) with jitter.

Scene is here caustics.rar

Hope this help :)

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