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Looking for floating object ideas

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Genius Houdini Community!


I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around something so I thought it best to ask the experts out there.


We're about to do a project where a rigid object ( like a box or a tea kettle ) is floating weightlessly in a room. It is being blown around by wind and bumping into objects as it goes. What we would like to do is loosely keyframe the object for basic choreography and timing but have the dynamic object "follow" it, like a target. This way you get the benefit of having keyframed motion influencing the dynamics. 


Would a sop solver be the right way to go here? Field force? It's been a while since I used dops so any advice or examples would be appreciated. I'm sure there's an elegant solution out there but I'm just not able to think of it.


Thanks very much!

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Maybe start with the Jiggle shelf tool?

If you use noisier animation for your goal object you'll get a breezy/windy look.

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