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Sand dripping simulation

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I have been wanting to do a sand simulation but I am a bit concerned about the workflow. Would you guys use pop or flip solver to sim sands falling from a tree branches ? 


I have been trying with popsolver without any great success so far...Too even and looks meh...


Is flip solver more appropriate to do this kind of thing ? I want that dripping effect from the branches as if the tree is emerging from a sand ground but how would you emit particles ? 


I used a paint SOP to paint emissions and constantly emitting until a certain point but it is clearly apparent and probably not the best solution. I used Pop solver for that.


I have attached a preview image of the tree model. As you can see, the branches are very thin so a volume collision would be very heavy and I had to increase the uniform scale to 2000 to get proper collision and get the end of the branches....I guess that's not a good option...Seems like flip solver does not collide very well with very thin shape...



Any advices or kind of setup is welcome :)



Again thanks people 


Still noob in houdini. Just wanting to get the best approach to it as I am kinda stuck here.




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Searching for "variable viscosity" on here should point you in the right direction. If you've got more questions just post a hip file of your setup.

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Hello cubiccube,


Thanks for your reply but unfortunately, variable viscosity is for flip fluid, correct ?


I am using POP solver and I don't know how I can get that kind of result. I have used Pop proximity and pop interact but I can't get that dripping effect that I want. 


I have tried using flip solver but the thing is I have to increase the stick scale to maximum value to stick the particles to the branches, it gives viscosities but....maybe too much.... and does not look like sand at all.



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