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Pyro Smoke/Fluid Take the form of an object

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Hi guys,


I trying to create an effect where some smoke rises and forms into the shape of an object but still remains a smokey fluid. I created some rough smoke and thought that the 'attract fluid' shelf tool would be the way forward, however when my smoke gets to the target object it seems to either pick up speed and fly right through it or just explode away from it. 


I have attached an example hip so you can see what is going on. I've tweaked a lot of the settings across the various gas solvers it makes but nothing I seem to try creates the desired effect.


I'm still relatively new to houdini so any help would be greatly appreciated.






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After some further testing I went away from the fluid attract method as I was still unable to achieve to effect I was going for. I did however manage to find an alternate method of shaping my smoke, which I think will be the method I pursue further. I ended up using the field force operator set to a negative scale force, with my target geo converted to an SDF volume and plugged in via a sopscalarfield. 


I've attached another example file if anyone is interested in seeing to setup. 




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