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Animated Crevice/Crack Render Anomaly?

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Hi All,


I have put together a scene following a tutorial on youtube. It leverages the L-system animated Crack preset to produce a crevice.


Overall I have a good understanding of the process and have a working file, however the tutorial did not cover rendering at all, only the generation of the scene element.


As I move on to rendering on my own I have discovered a render anomaly that I can not get rid of. Also I don't even understand why it is present in the first place. As you can see in my posted image the geometry that appears along the crevice edge, in the render, does not seem to exist in the viewport. I would like to remove the crevice edge or lip so it meets the flat plane directly.


I am posting my file if anyone has time to look at it?







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On the branch responsible for the ground, you end up with 2 primitives.

- One for the ground itself

- One for the line making the border of the crevice.


The line is rendering with its own width and it is superposed on top of your ground, resulting in this weird edge.

Just delete the line via its primitive number and you'll get back to what you want


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Thanks iamyog!


That did the trick. I did not realize there were still two parts included in that second branch. I must remember to middle click more often.



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