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I got three HDA's ready (+ one that I'm working on right now) of old tools that I remade again and fixed all things that were broken when I made them 5-6 years ago, that I wanted to send to Orbolt, but with selections broken I can't be sure that they work properly. Will have to wait and see what SESI will do to fix selections.



Did you log a bug?

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I hoped that since so many people have rather mixed experience with those new selections in this thread => http://forums.odforce.net/topic/21694-sidefx-releases-houdini-14/page-7 <=  you already know that something is not right with them.


Forums are not an official bug reporting tool. We're under no obligation to monitor them. We do that purely from the kindness of our hearts :)


If it doesn't go into our database, then it's liable to be lost as other, properly logged, issues come in and take priority in our minds.


Also, on the plus side, you'll be able to personally see the bug progress.


Edit: Good man!

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