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tdu's Newest Course :: Principles of FX with Ryan Hurd!!&#

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tdu's newest course "Principles of FX with Ryan Hurd" has been officially launched!


January 19 - March 16th, 2015 COURSE OVERVIEW

This course will introduce you to many of the main concepts of visual effects and get you familiar with using Houdini. 

FX artists who mainly use other software, such as Maya or 3D Max, often have difficulty breaking into Houdini. This course is designed to get anyone over that initial learning curve and into more concentrated areas like creating their own custom effects. Throughout the course, students will quickly gain an appreciation for the power of Houdini and be able to utilize its abilities to create amazing images. 

The course focuses on basic concepts and techniques that every Houdini FX Artists should know.

  • Course Highlights include:
  • Procedural Modeling
  • Procedural Animation
  • Particles
  • Rendering in Mantra
  • Rigid Body Dynamics
  • Building Digital Assets
  • Building Custom Shaders
  • Week 1 :: Fundamentals and Introduction
  • Week 2 :: Procedural Modeling, Surface Operations
  • Week 3 :: Procedural Animation and Particles
  • Week 4 :: Particles cont.
  • Week 5 :: Rendering in Mantra
  • Week 6 :: Using VOPs
  • Week 7 :: VOPs cont. + Digital Assets
  • Week 8 :: Dynamics, Rigid Bodies




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