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Store a Collection in a Node?

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Hi All,


Is there any way to store a collection in a node? I checked the parameter list and there does not seem to be a list or collection property available.


IS there any other way to attach a list to a node?



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You can turn a parameter into a menu and store values that way.


Or, I don't know if you want to use python for this but if you can you can pickle a list, store it as user data on the node and then unpickle and retreive it later.

import json
node = hou.node('/path/to/node')

my_list = range(1,10)

# store the list on the node
node.setUserData('my_list', json.dumps(my_list))

# get the list back
list_copy = json.loads(node.userData('my_list'))

print list
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In the past I've used pickle for this. Looks like json does a similar thing?




It can be done at the node instance level like the example jonp posted and it can also be done at the OTL level so the data is persistent.



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