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Emitting particles from all points seperately over time

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Hi guys,


I've got a bunch of points ( 63 ). I want particle explosions to happen (by simply emitting 50 particles per point) at each point. But I don't want all those explosions to happen in 1 frame: like real fireworks ('cause that's what I'm trying), those explosions happen fast after each other. For example: in frame 1 I want point 0-5 to emit 50 particles, then in frame 2 I want point 6-10 to emit 50 particles etc. How do I do this?




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Here is one possible solution using POP Group and POP Replicate. There are certainly other ways to skin the cat.


This isn't a very elegant solution as I had to modify the innards of the popreplicate node. Looks like, contrary to the tool tip, the "Birth Group" parameter does not mean "only replicate particles belonging to this group". To make it behave like that, I made a link into the Group parameter of the popreplicate1/sopsolver1/pointreplicate1 node inside.



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That works really well! And it's easy to control how fast / at which frame the explosions should happen. Thanks a lot !

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