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set fractured RBD activation based on point attribute

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    I'm trying to set the activation of pieces in an RBD fractured sim by using an attribute created from the density of a volume in SOPS. But when I run the sim, pieces that aren't supposed to fall fall, and pieces that are supposed to don't. When I look at the initial attribute created through the volume, and the activation values in the DOP data, it appears to be correct, but it doesn't sim properly. I have no idea what to do to get this to work properly  :wacko:. I'd really appreciate any input anyone can give me to help fix this!

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Hi User0,

I have attached your hip with problem solved (I think). All I did was

  • make the rbd fractured object (box_object1) DA editable
  • got in and added an expression in the activevalue node that reads the point attribute "density" and use it to drive the activevalue parameter for the object
  • then I deleted all the extra nodes you added downstream just for clarity sake since all what you were trying to acheive with them is already possible in the digital asset that builds the fractured object itself


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