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gathering a cloth sail with ropes, very slow - sure there's a bett

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Hi all,

I'm doing a simulation of a cloth sail being gathered up. In real life, and in the final render, it would be done with ropes that loop around the bottom of the sail and pull it together. For my testing, I'm using thick 'hooks' that pull the cloth upwards. It sims verryyy slowly. I'm sure there must be a better way. I'm open to suggestions and I've included my file if anyone would like to take a look.


I feel like I ought to be considering an entirely different type of collider. A point or wire collider - if those exist? 

In the dopnetwork I'm bringing the hooks in as a 'staticobject' that I've also pre-converted to a volume and using as a 'proxy volume' in the Collisions - Volume tab. Most other settings I've left at their defaults. The hooks are as thick as they are because I found that thinner ones kept passing through the cloth. 






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Instead of actual physical hooks, I would probably animate some constraints to pull the cloth with.

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Hey, I just wanted to update here and mention that I changed my collision geometry from the curved tubes you see above to extruded boxes. The box was extruded along a path much like a 'V' with a little flat section at the bottom. The end result is pretty much identical to the image above - however no curved surfaces.


The sim times are much, much faster. Didn't change anything else.



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