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H14_segmentatio fault

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Good morning everyone,

an odd problem with the new Houdini 14.

Houdini starts with no problem, but when I try to put down any node, from dop network to lights to sphere one, it crashes with this report:

10684: Fatal error: Segmentation fault

I reinstalled with administration rights, I reinstalled without antivirus, I deleted the Houdini config folder, but nothing.

My system is Windows 8.1 and Intel HD Graphics 4000 (listed in the supported video cards).

What can I do?

Thank you in advance.

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Do you have the latest Intel graphics driver? Their drivers have markedly improved over the past year (to the point where we can now support the last two generations of Intel graphics, Haswell and Ivy Bridge).

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malexander: thank you. I knew I had the most updated Asus drivers, the only and ones of the 2013 (!!!), because they are the only available on the Asus support website, so, after a search, I used the Intel ones, installing them at my own risk.

Now Houdini works!


michael: I'll do it, but I was thinking they had more serious bugs to solve than the one on my little netbook! ;)


If anyone has some problem, read this paying a lot of attention:

  1. When installing Intel drivers fails or Intel Driver Update Utility fails with an OEM Intel display driver is because... http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/cs-022355.htm
  2. So the solution I used and it worked for me for Windows 8.1 64bit is...USE AT YOUR OWN RISK http://forum.baldursgate.com/discussion/12156/how-to-forcibly-update-your-intel-drivers-at-your-own-risk
  3. The .inf file I found was under the Graphics folder: igdlh64.inf
  4. The screen was black for many seconds and an heart attack, but it restored
  5. The computer and Houdini are working now normally, but it's too soon to say

Ok, to punish myself for the shame of this stupid problem, tonight I'll drink only one half pint... on the right hand and one half pint on the left hand, to make me remember!

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Thanks for the information! We've updated the Graphics card page with a note under the Intel section to ensure that the driver is the latest version.

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