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SLI for openCL

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Ya - the proprietry stuff is a bit scary - i.e. today's Apple Security update for OsX 10.10.2 has disabled the GTX 980 Web drivers and the card no longer works. S


o whilst I wait for the Nvidia to update those, the AMD backup card and dual Xeon CPUs cannot run Octane.... if I was relying on it.... 

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Speaking of which, I have an old Windows Vista box at home, and last month, a security update broke *font* rendering. All my Arial font text had this 50% dithered look.

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but how does a CPU core scale to a GPU one ?

because I am guessing it's not one-to-one....and I see GPUz out there with smth crazy like 512 cores...and that would just laugh at my 6 core machine :))


Starting to dig more properly into GPUs, apparently the so-called core count to compare them to CPU that we all use is a pretty good marketing piece. The GPU Compute Unit is more analogous to a CPU core. i.e. the GTX 960 has ~2000 cores but only 16 Compute Units. When data is processed is has to use a complete Compute Unit as one, therefore the it is comparable to a CPU core.





"GPU marketing literature often uses the term "GPU core" or equivalent. This is essentially a single precision (32-bit) ALU or equivalent. By this definition, an 8-core Sandy Bridge with AVX instructions has 64 GPU core-equivalents."



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