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Inline Code - Implicit cast from float to int

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Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here? I'm opening a point cloud in my shader, and I'm pretty sure it usually works like this [and in fact I'm getting the right result] but I'm getting an error saying implicit cast from float to int, even though I am casting $hnd as an int... 


This is my code :




float $scalevalue;
float $getconvex;
float $pdist;
int $hnd = pcopen($pc,"P",$worldpos,$r,$mp);  <<--- Error is referring to this line
int $numfound=pcnumfound($hnd);
    $scalevalue = (1-($pdist/$r));


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hey j00ey,

is it possible that you defined $mp as a float ?

If so, that might be the issue. Try to define $mp as an int.



did I just reply a 2 yo post ? lol

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