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Sin Waveform on a Grid

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Guys, i need to create a very clean and animated wave, just like this one, but it doesn't look as easy i thought it would be. Any tips on how to achieve it? It have to be animated to.




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Attribute VOP SOP. Inside, add time to z position, and use that to drive a sin. Add sin result to y position.

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Thank you very much guys! All of the examples looks very intuitive.

Artem good to see you too man. You're approach look's really great and fast to create. I'll just have to study a bit more of VEX to learn what everything really means overthere.
I found this tutorial, which looks really good btw, but it's from 2011. Do you think there's any considerable changes on Houdini's VEX from now on?
edit: just found a newer one from goProcedural (will publish it at the botton of the post)

Luke, your example is awesome. I feel really confortable with VOPs since i have a PFlow background, which works basically on the same way. I'll also dissect it a bit more and, if you don't mind, i'd probably like to ask you some questions.

Guilherme, you're example looks perfect when it's static but i really need it to be animated with an infinite amouint of waves flowing so, at least in this case, the other to options looks more convenient.


The 2011 one:

and the goProcedural:

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