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ALEMBIC from houdini to maya export

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I have a question regarding using alembic format to export an animated l-system to maya.
I was able to succesfully export my l-system (which is a flower) to maya, however i was wondering how would i perserve groups from houdini.
Since when i export it to maya the l-system has no materials and is exported out as a single mesh AND applying materials to the leaves, stem, blossom would be very tedious face by face.
What is the best way to approach this ?


I have a deadline coming up very soon and ANY help would be really, kindly greatly appreciated !!!

Kind Regards,


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If you have the leaves and everything in separate geometry containers like





and use an alembic rop in /out to export /obj/*


Then in maya they will come in the the same way, if you open the outliner you will see an equivalent to your houdini scene organization.


You can even use subnetworks in houdini to define more complex scene hierarchies.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried to do it like that, i see a hierachy in maya ( e.g. leaves (group) -> stem (group) -> flower(group) and this group contains many elements, but other groups don't have any elements apart from holding the groups ).
But the issue is that i get an error "cd is not vector valued" when i try to select any of the objects in maya's outliner and i see no geometry or anything in the viewport.
I tried using "Cd" parameter in the vertex attributes, but that did not help.

Do not know what to do :/

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