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H Modeling test

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Here is something I started in Houdni 13 and picked up again when H14 came out.
I'm learning/exploring, so it is taking a bit of time to find a good workflow for modeling. H14 made that easier, and hopefuly it will improve some more.





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Looking great Werner, I like your render as well. Only thing that bugs me a bit is the smoothing angle on the chin.


As far as modeling, there are a few things that I personally like to do:

F6-F12 are set to various modeling operations and bound to extra buttons on my mouse (Logitech G700).

Global/Local toggle for PolyExtrude is set to Z (because it takes too long to right-click and change it from the menu and I change that often).

Detach Handle is set to C rather than ' so it's more accessible. I don't really use primitive snapping much so losing that shortcut is no biggie.

Shift-W will toggle between smooth shaded and smooth+wire shaded. Likewise it toggles flat shaded to flat+wire shaded. You probably already know that, but just in case.

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