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Houdini Arnold River

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Hello everyone,

here is my latest houdini river simulation rendered in arnold 


everything was done using houdini except the trees were generated using speedtree(rigged and animated in houdini) and the rocks were sculpted in Zbrush.
Breakdown showing all the the river passes:
Poly counts (approx) :
WaterMesh : 3 million poly
Close up Trees : 3 million poly
Other trees: 5 differnet types of tree with an average of 1 millin poly each
Rocks were subdived and displaced at rendertime 
Foam and splashes : 80 million points
Bubbles : 30 mil
Render time :
everything was rendered in seperate passes :
Background : 6min
Foam : 4min
Bubbles: 3min
water: 12min
rocks: 5min
trees: 6min
Hope you guys like it

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