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Nicholas Yiallouris

Paint Texture Maps in COP's

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I'd like to be able to paint a density map for fur without leaving houdini.


I currently have a UV'd mesh and a paint sop with a black and white map, is there a way to either:

1) Read the values of the point colours into the density map slot on the fur tool (opfullpath... or something like that)

2) Read the coloured UV map into a COP network (because essentially thats the map I need), then I can just save it as an exr from there.

3) Any other suggestions to read in geo into a cop network and paint on the unwrapped uv's (similar to the other texture painting apps)


I'm basicaly trying not to jump back and forth into mari for basic black and white map updates.



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in case you are still looking for a solution - it is possible to read attribute that drives density of fur. You just need to create "furdensity" attribute on your geo, then you can paint some values into it. Fur tool will automatically update its density according to this attribute.



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You can also use the AttributeFromMap node to fetch data from COPs. As you guessed, it is op fullpath. Then the resulting RGB can be assigned to an attribute that you name but defaults to Cd.


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