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Houdini Voronoi Fracture and Shader Or Texture ?

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Hello Guy !

I'm a total beginner on Houdini (just a few months) and after learning basics and pyrofx basics, I began destruction days ago.


My project ? Break chineses vases ! ^^

I search all the afternoon and tweak glue constraint but now I have a destruction... not perfect of course x)


But my problem is, now that my vase is broken, I can't put a shader on the geometry sop.


I import another vase, without all broke process and it's working.


Can you check my nodes and tell me if my process is good ^^" Thanks :P


ps: I check "visualize pieces" just for the screenshot but the shader doesn't work anyway ^^"







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If you have UVs and Rest Position then there shouldn't be any problem with texture.

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Yeah I saw my error sorry I didn't update the post ^^

I finally understand how the dopimport works ^^ I thought the informations of the mesh was export to the dop but it's the opposite ^^ So I uncheck my dopnetwork visibility and it was good ^^
The problem was I had my real vase and the dynamic vase visible ^^"

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