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Ocean in a Bottle Sim

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Hey guys, 


I'm extremely new here, and have just been experimenting with Particle fluids and Ocean FX. I'm now trying to achieve a Wavy Ocean effect inside a bottle (eventually it will have a boat on the water) but i'm lost for how to get the Ocean FX to be contained within the Bottle mesh. Could anyone recommend any resources that could help, or push me in the right direction? 

I have managed to get a FLIP Fluid form Object in the bottle, but the particles slowly leak from the mesh at two points in the mesh.


Any help would be great..



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If I understood you right, you have to create group of points in a bottle (using bottle as bounding object), for example named "emmpoint" . Then simple delete points which will be beyond of this group. And use this for tank initial. Another way is using your bottle geometry as collision object in wave tank. Also try to set collision properly in dop network. Use volume (VDB) and volume sample mode for it.

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