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creating a sleeve for a bunch of poly wires

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I have a bunch of wires I'd like to place a sleeve around where they bunch up together (so it essentially looks like one big wire).

----\               / ------  
---- ============== ------
----/               \ ------

...if that makes any sense? I have the wire geometry which is just a polywire from a curve, and I'm guessing you object merge them into another piece of geometry to use as the basis of building the sleeve, but am a bit lost as to how I would selectively isolate parts of the wire(s) and how to generate the sleeve itself. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.


One way I've managed to get something really ugly, but I suppose passable is by;



but this requires me to go in and delete the geometry I don't need, and isn't procedural in nature. Also, I'm thinking it's not very efficient but what do I know..

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Unfinished and not perfect but here's a start that could help you


edit: updated file


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