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Pyro: creating a mesh (isosurface) from smoke and density/heat

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Sorry if this was already covered (I found similar topics but on older versions of Houdini and I'm a newby).


I would like to create a mesh (a sequence of mesh, to export in the obj format) from a pyro fluid (from smoke but also from density/heat and other elements).


I've been trying with some methods by browsing online but without a great success.

Considering that I need a classic mesh and not a VDB which would be the best workflow ? (pyrofields --> blast -> isooffset or --> points from volume --> vdb from particle --> convert to vdb)





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You're on the right track. You can just use convert vdb right after the pyro to convert it from a houdini volume to a vdb, then use another convert vdb to get the polygons.

There is a tutorial that goes a bit more in depth about this, specially the shading: 

is this what you were looking for?

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