Hey guys.   I'm trying to find equivalent to maya's and nuke's executeInMainThreadWithResult helper function.   The point is that I'd like to spawn a child thread using python in houdini and have it communicate back to the main thread. Ideally waiting for response. Has anyone tried that, and if so how successful were you?    The best explanation of what I'll need to do is having a look at these 2 pages of nuke and maya docs, which explain it very clearly.   http://docs.thefoundry.co.uk/nuke/63/pythondevguide/threading.html http://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/maya/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2015/ENU/Maya/files/Python-Python-and-threading-htm.html   I'm planning to start ingegrating pyblish (http://www.pyblish.com/) into houdini and this would make it fairly straightforward.   Cheers