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CG Workshop - Intro To Houdini 14

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Hey Everyone,


CG Workshop is currently enrolling for the Intro To Houdini 14 course.  I will cover a variety of material and get into many technical low level concepts, such as the math, geometry, and trigonometry involved in gaining complete control over an effect.


When it comes to making great FX, there aren't any push-­button solutions. This course helps to lay that groundwork to understand what is going on under the 'hood'. I will take you step-­by-­step through the construction using production techniques in Houdini, right from looking at the UI and procedural modeling in Week 1, and eventually on to particles, grains and fluids.


We will cover methods that give complete control when you're procedurally fracturing geometry, creating dust and debris, dissolving effects, as well as procedural animation and modeling, to name a few.




Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!




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Hi Spencer. I have a bit question. You mentioned the content would be similar to your previous course, are you planning to redo all the contents, or just adding some updated lessons?

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Hey Panupat,


I will be updating all the videos to Houdini 14.  The examples which I go through wlll be similar, covering the same information more or less.  My previous class had a lot of VOP work where this course I will use some of the wrangle nodes instead, but very basic stuff.  I will also touch on the grain solver doing a couple examples.

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