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Trouble controlling orientation of an object copy along a curve

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Hi there, 

I'm was just messing around building a fence in Houdini and I came across this issue...



I really want the fence posts to face along the direction but to stand up completely straight. 

Does anyone know how I can get this to work?


Here's my scene if anyone has a sec to check it out.







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To make fence post stand straight

Add point sop instead of polyframe sop. Set the normal to 0,0,1 and in Fence Post and sub post, centerz parameter remove negative sign.


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if you still need to keep planks aligned to the curve, you need the tangent, so polyframe is handy, however, you can use it to compute up vector and use {0,1,0} as N to keep them exactly upright


you can as well use template group to isolate main and inbetween points before copy to streamline the flow a bit, instead of branching to soon, therefore avoiding duplicate nodes (like ray and polyframe nodes), but as well solving problem of overlapping planks from both copies


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Hey sorry to bring this thread back up but I've been refering back to it every now and then and I just noticed something that was causing me a little trouble.

If I try to make the normals look at a point (as in your tute) it seems that they look at a point that is in a slightly different position. 

Do you know what might cause that?








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