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Please excuse me guys,I am new to Houdini and I was trying to generate few passes of Pyro in Houdini but unfortunately I was unable to achieve those,I hope you guys would help me in resolving the following issues I have faced. I have enclosed my project as well as rendered .exr files for your consideration.


1)How can I generate motion vector pass by using Raytrace Engine in Houdini 14 Build 14.0.291 ?

2) I have generated  few passes in houdini please check .exr file but I am unable to  see fire and smoke mask  in nuke though these masks are visible in Houdini Image Viewer.Please also explain how can I comp them together especially motion vector?

3) Can you explain me  should I render Pyro using raytrace engine or  PBR,I find raytrace engine fast and more efficient than PBR ,please correct me what I am doing wrong  or how can I speed up my PBR rendering without compromising the quality?

4) Is there a way I can add displacement to my Pyro ?

5) How I can generate Volume Light Pass ?

6) How I can generate RGB pass  ?



Thanks in anticipation.



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Please correct me if I am wrong.

1. You can’t. As those are volumes, you would end up with very strange results. If you want the Motion Blur. Render it. Pump up the Xform Samples.

2. Smoke and Fire Mask are not vector passes but float passes. Nuke kinda does not like them and brings them in as „other“. The „s“ channel is your SmokeMask. „f“ your fire mask.

3. Try the Micropolygon Engine. It works fine with volumes.

4. There are possibilities on the Shader. There is a thread around here on the forums, but I think the general agreement was kind of: dont. It just not necessary.

6. Thats a seperate render. Add a seperate shader and Set the color to white. Add 3 point lights as red green and blue. Maybe turn of any volume Lights you might have.


I hope this helps and is mostly correct.

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Thank you Henrik for your reply.


I was wondering if you can also explain me why micropolygon rendering as well as PBR  is  slower than raytrace and is there anyway I can make it fast.

Please guide me how can I generate depth pass for pyro? 


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