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Exporting RBD geometry

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I'm a bit surprised that it doesn't seem to work.


I have a simple box geometry which gets shattered with a voronifracture node. The AutoDopNetwork simulates everything correctly. Then I try to export an .obj or .fbx sequence over to SI. I use a ROP Output driver. I attach it to the dopimport node in the box geometry (the last node in the tree), press render and end up with a very small file which contains nothing when opened in SI or Modo. When I attach the ROP Output driver to the voronoiFracture and press render everything works as expected, I end up with a file which can be opened in another app and contains the expected object. Right clicking on the dopimport and choose "Save Geometry" also gives me a mini file which doesn't contain anything.


How is this done properly?


Thanks for any tips and info



P.S.: Any links to H to SI pipeline tuts highly appreciated. Couldn't find anything myself.

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if you're using packed geometry make sure it's unpacked before export

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