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hi there, please help me with these, i have spend alot of week for these, and still stucked..


basicly i want to try to rotate perprimitive base, effected by color and rotate some degree..but yeah, im still alot of learning with these..


i have recreated on my daily tools cinema4d, and its just required some step to achive fx that i want...but for some reasond i want more freedom with those fx....so i jump to houdini...


please anybody on these forum help me with these...

i got help from official site houdini forum...and got helped..but still got error for the rotation...


i upload all the file, from the refference video, and all the houdini file i created and got helped...



help please...


the reff video: 




jk_rotate_with_n_124 (1)_helped.hipnc



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Have a look at the expression on the transform x channel inside the Foreach node on the attached file. 


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Here's one idea, instead of the polyframe tangent I used the vector from first to second point of the polygon for the rotation axis.

Works in this case, but it of course needs the mesh to be constructed in a consistent manner.


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