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Point cloud troubles

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Can anyone see what is wrong with this bit of code?

I think I'm missing something blindingly obvious but I can't see it.

It actually seems to work but when I put it on an animated object the results seem to vary radically from frame to frame, I just can't see why.

#define PI 3.1415926535897932

float shadows(string pcmap;int nfp;float rad,samt;int back)
   vector mapP;
   float w,occ;
   int test,pn;
   string channel = "S";
   vector pp = wo_space(P);
   int handle = pcopen(pcmap, "P", pp, rad, nfp);

   while (pcunshaded(handle,channel)) {
      pcimport(handle, "P", mapP);
      pcimport(handle, "width", w);
      float shad = 0;
      int lc = 0;
      if (back) {
          illuminance(ow_space(mapP),N,PI) {
            if (rayhittest(ow_space(mapP),L,w+0.05)>0) shad++;
            //if (fastshadow(ow_space(mapP),L,w+0.05)==0) shad++;
            lc ++;
      else {
          illuminance(ow_space(mapP)) {
            if (rayhittest(ow_space(mapP),L,w+0.05)>0) shad++;
            lc ++;
      occ = 1-shad/lc*samt;
      test = pcexport(handle, channel, occ);

    shad = pcfilter(handle,channel);


    return shad;

	string   pcmap  = "";    // pointcloud file
	float    samt   = 0.5;
	int      snfp   = 50;
	float    srad   = 10;
	int  doback = 1;
	Cf  = shadows(pcmap,snfp,srad,samt,doback);

Doh! figured it out, it's just the bias value too high.

Edited by sibarrick

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