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Group geometry by scattered points/UV projection

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Not really sure on how to formulate this question, as I'm new to Houdini, but I will try my best. 


I'm trying to work out a UV projection on packed geometry that I have animated to fracture. 

I need to get the primitive faces that are facing the camera into one group for the UV projection, and the "inside" in one to get materials there. 


I was told by a more experienced Houdini user that it should be possible to scatter (a huge amount of) points on the surface of the geometry and create a surface group from that. I don't know how that could be done however. Do I somehow tell the geometry that the faces scattered with points is one group? Or do I somehow attach those points to the geometry and project the texture on them? 


If anyone have other suggestions to how I could UV project on packed primitives I'm open to suggestions, as you can see from the attached images, the projection stretches as soon as the geo starts breaking. 










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