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Render Statistics?

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I'm just starting to get into Houdini, and of course am blown away by the possibilities it offers. Really kind of a grown up software, 3d as it should be.. :)


One question tough for now: As I'm coming from Max I'm accoustomed to have detailed statistics when rendering (e.g. how long takes one frame, polycount, prognostic total render time,....), which H doesn't seem to have out of the box.


I know H is made mainly for professional environments with seperated departments, but as an individual artist such a renderstatistic would be really helpful, so does there exist something like that?


Thanks, Best






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On the Mantra ROP, under the Render tab, there is a Statistic tab; you can crank up the verbosity to the level you desire. The docs have more info on what to expect w/ each verbosity level.




Hope that helps!

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