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Hello all,


I was needing some help with getting the Exported maps from Substance Painter into the Chrome material in H14. I am exporting the following maps:

  1. Base Color
  2. Roughness
  3. Metallic
  4. Normal
  5. Height
  6. Emissive

I am trying to reassemble them in H14's Chrome material. I know the Base Color goes into the Base Color Map in the Surface Tab Diffuse Tab. I think the Metallic map goes into the Reflection Mask Map in the Reflect Tab Reflection Mask Map Tab. I'm not worried about the Normal, Height or Emissive maps yet so that leaves Roughness. Roughness is key to the aged look I'm trying to get. 


In Substance Painter the textured model looks like this: post-5191-0-67892300-1433272867_thumb.jp


A Houdini render looks like this (notice the difference the Roughness map makes against the SP render in back): post-5191-0-32896800-1433272878_thumb.jp


I don't suppose someone could lend me a hand on how to get Roughness maps from SP into the chrome material in H14 could they? It would be really helpful. Thank you



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