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User Interfaces and Motion Graphics in Houdini

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Hello everyone,


I wanted to introduce my new training.


The aim of this commercial training is to take you through the process of creating the Motion Graphics animation shown in the promo.
The idea is to create a variety of User Interface and Motion Graphics elements using a combination of SOPs, Particles and CHOPs in Houdini. The training will also cover setting up the materials, rendering and an overview of the final compositing in After Effects.
The training is broken into 3 parts. Each part will cover the creation of individual elements required for the final animation.
Final Animation
Link to training
I have also put up a few free training videos over the last few weeks. I am putting the links for those down below as well
Interior Rendering in Houdini
Grow Ivy
How to sell Digital Goods ( For anyone who is interesting in selling their own training videos)
Rohan Dalvi
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