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Where is explicit cache in Houdini14?

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Hi Guys,


I was  doing a pyro sim but due to some maintenance issue I am facing erratic and frequent electricity breakdown in my area.

So I was searching and found that I can resume  my sim using explicit cache  in some forums but since I am using Houdini 14 and new to the software I am unable to find that option.


I would appreciate if someone could point out that if I can resume my sim and save it's cache in Houdini 14 from where it was interrupted .

Here is another question can we append the sim instead of re-simulating the whole thing again?

Can I use multiple system ( in my case My laptop and my desktop) to generate the sim cache,if yes  how?

Would interruption of one system affect the other system or sim in any way?

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DOP-Network Node -> Cache -> Save Checkpoints, along with checkpoint trail length and trail interval. I guess it was renamed in H14. The help text is very good, so it shouldn't be much of a problem to use it.


I would not recommend using 2 machines for simulation. eg. frame 0-50 and frame 51-100, and then stitching the two caches together. That may cause irregularities since some parameters may not be exactly the same. I would do the sim on one machine, or use the given sim-splitting tools Houdini offers (clustering). But as far as I rembember, you need HQue and some sort of renderfarm-setup running for that (not sure here, never done it before). When you use clustering and one machine fails, you would need to rerender that part, the other stuff should be fine. I'm no expert in this field, but it should work that way.


Manual-Link: Clustering Pyro and Smoke Simulations



Hope that helps! :)

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