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Skinos Mastiha Spirit

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VFX work for Skinos Mastiha Spirit TVC. I was responsible for the FX and shading/lighting of the pack shot scene. All FX done in Houdini Indie 14. Geometries transfered to 3ds max through alembic and rendered with VRay. All volumetrics rendered with Mantra. 


FX list:

scene01/head - smoke solver and cloth (dry ice type atmosphere and hair ribbons)

scene 02/diver - cloud FX (clouds)

scene 03/girl - smoke solver (dry ice type atmosphere arond the dress)

scene 04/frame - ocean FX (sea)

scene 05/glasses - FLIP (liquid inside the diamond shapes)

scene 06/mirror - cloth (cloth covering mirror) - for this one nCloth worked better  :mellow: 

scene 07/packshot - FLIP and RBD (liquid inside glass and ice cubes)



Thanx for watching  ^_^

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Thanx. Its not like ouzo more like a brandy type, very sweet. Usually you drink it after dinner.

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