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Particle separation flip fluids

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Hey everyone, 

Trying to wrap my head around flip simulations in Houdini, any help is much appreciated. 

so here is a animation of the sark i downloaded from the very talented Carlos Parmentier, (thank you)

My container is 50x25x55, 

The rest of the setting are explicitely mentioned in the attached QT,  please do take a look. 


So here are my questions, 


1) as we reduce the particle separation, (increase resolution) the simulation changes quite drastically, so say if i were to test a sim at .2 separation, how do you know what you are going to get at say .075, 


2) Is there any way to up rez these simulations without such a drastic change in the look of the sim. 


3) I'm sure some of you masters in flip sim, could critique my simulation, and guide me to better them . 


4) Other than the shelf tool for a white water sim, what would be the best way to get some white water? 



Thank you.




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One thing that is for sure is when you up res your simulation the look is always changing. 

That applies for any solver i have ever worked with in Houdini and any other package as well.

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Hey thanks 

So basically this is what you would expect?, Any ideas on how to make it more predictable. 

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one classical approach is to divide in 2 steps.

you make a low rez sim where you devise the global behavior , then you use this low rez sim to drive an high rez one.


this is the global principle



i have never done that myself in H but i'm quite sure the workflow can work smoothly in H.

of course you will have to burn some brain cell to make it work ... :)


maybe it has already been done here ? 

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