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Burning fuse/wire question

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Ok so I'm fairly new to Houdini and I'm looking to get some work in my portfolio.




I really like this clip ^ and would like to try to recreate it inside Houdini.


So far (don't laugh!) all I have is a few scattered points following an object using attribTransfer. Then those scattered points are emitting high speed particles to emulate the sparks coming from the burning fuse. I was then going to add particle trails and glow effects - is this an advised method? The outer part of the wire is being deleted based on the transfered Cd value, and the inner wire is being displaced based on this value too.


Also, in the video, the burned part of the wire that has that really nice charring / melting motion to it, later falling away under gravity, is scaring me - not sure how to approach that!


Any tips from you guys on how you might approach this would be awesome.





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The Peter Quint sop solver tutorial was done on an older version of H (prior to 12 I think). Now its a little easier to set up since we have solver sops in SOPs. Although the underlying mechanism is same but its more convenient to use solver sops than setting up a DOP network now.

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