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Cloth Pulling wires

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Hi guys,


This is a test I have so far:


I'm trying to attach cloth to a wire. This was semi successful as you can see in the video. though a lot of weird things are happening. Ideally I'd like the cloth to pull the wire in the wind. It needs to be a wire with celebratory flags on it. like this:


How would one go about this? theoretically the wire should be quite low in resistance but due to the drag of the flags it should move. Am I correct in thinking that the flags should be cloth objects (driven by a wind force) constrained to a wire?

Any tips or advice are greatly appreciated :).


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I took a look at the file and the first thing I thought was the hand drawn curve is kind of rough in point distribution, perhaps that is part of the problem. I followed up your drawcurve with a Refine (in unrefine mode, activate Second U, set to 1.0, set First U to 0.0) Then follow that with a resample to evenly restore points across the curve.


NOTE: When I did this it broke the contrsints you had setup, I think, because the point numbers changed.


I don't know enough about this kind of sim to help any further but I am interested in a solution.

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I've just started looking at a similar problem so I had a go at your sim. 


I think the green constraint spheres jumping around in the sim are a good indication that it needs some sub-stepping. Also there wasn't any damping on the wire, which helps remove excess energy and jerking around.


I managed to get a working version by:


- increasing the substeps on the wiresolver

- adjusting the parameters for the wire object (physical and elastic properties)
- moving the wind force to the cloth object only (found in the drag tab).



Not a huge amount of movement on the flag but you could probably fiddle with the wind force and the properties of the cloth to get more variation.



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Sorry for the late response. This's awesome :). Thank you so much. I will analyze your file and report back with findings.

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