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Hi All!


Relatively new Houdini user hear already stretching my very finite knowledge to breaking point!


I'm attempting to create a shattering car windscreen effect whereby the glass bends and contorts overall but at the same time breaks apart into smaller shards. I have my deforming windscreen geometry that I've brought in as an Alembic import (The animated geo's from a Maya Ncloth sim). I also have a static version of my windscreen geometry that I've shattered into glass fragments. I was hoping there might be a way to set up a constraint network whereby the glass fragments stick to the deforming Alembic geometry (Which I've turned into a Static RBD) while at the same time allowing me to pick and chose when the glass fragments fall away from the deforming object. I'm able to glue all the glass fragments together but having these follow along with the deforming imported geometry is a little beyond me at the moment :(


Any suggestions for the set-up would be massively Appreciated!!



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