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Hello guys!
I'm new here so i have some stupid questions.

I did the procedural road ctreation tutorial by cmiVFX and in the step when author did uv for each elements separately,my expression stopped working.
It works in xform4 but when i'm trying to paste copied relative references in xform5 i have an error. :( 
And i dont have an idea why it's no working.
In the original project file from tutorial it doesn't work to.
Help me please!
How can i solve this problem? If i cant solve this by this expression could you tell me another? :unsure: 
Thank you very much!
Expression:1/if($SIZEZ > if($SIZEX > $SIZEY, $SIZEX, $SIZEY),$SIZEZ ,if($SIZEX > $SIZEY, $SIZEX, $SIZEY))







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If I'm not mistaken, it seems you can't reference a parameter with a parameter controlled by an expression anymore.




It would be pretty tough to come up with a work around without really diving into the asset.  You could try emailing cmivfx, they should be able to suggest a work around.

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Replace all $SIZEX $SIZEY $SIZEZ expressions with the "bbox()" expression.







Feel free to replace the "opinputpath" section with the path of the node you want to read the parameters from.

It's definitely more tedious, but it works.

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