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Tire burnout: particle sim to drive pyro sim [SOLVED]

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Hey everyone,


I'd like to try and create a tire burnout effect where the smoke is emitted from the tire/ground contact point.  The smoke then shoots out from the back of the tire based on the velocity of the rotating tire as the car goes in circles.


I'm still a beginner with houdini, so I have an idea of what I need to do (I think) but I'm not sure how to go about reaching my goal.  


Right now I'm thinking that I need to get a contact zone for the tire's point of contact with the ground.  Then I need to calculate the velocity of the spinning tire and send that to the emitting particles (which are emitting from the tire).  The particles should then emit only when they're in the contact zone (so they mostly shoot out in the rear direction).  Then I make it so only the emitted particles drive a pyro sim.  I've attached a hip of where I'm at so far.  I have the velocity from tire figured out, I just need to figure out how to get a contact zone and only emit particles when the surface of the tire is in the contact zone.


Here are a few hip files that I've found during my initial research.  I feel like the examples in this link don't give the best results for what I'm going for though, so I'd like to do this another way: 



I'd like my effect to be similar to this example: 



Here's a reference video for the final effect I'd like to achieve:



Thank you!


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Here's the solution that I came up with.  It was a pretty simple fix.  I just spun a wheel, grouped points on the wheel within a bounding box, and deleted any points on the wheel that weren't inside of the group.  I then sourced some particles from the remaining geo.


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