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Rendering AO and other passes simultaneously

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Hi all, It's my first time posting here and I really hope to get some help.

I was wondering how do I render AO and other passes (matte pass..) together much like in the maya render layer 

I am very sure houdini can do this as well but how ? 


Do i need to create a node for each pass in the scene level, and have a mantrarender node for each pass ?

If anyone has a hip file it would be awesome! 

Thank you:) 


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You can take a look at this page for info:




There is a bunch of very useful aovs you can ouput by using the default shaders in mantra. If you want to create custom aovs (e.g. mattes ids) you can dive in the your shader and use the "bind export" node and wire stuff to it. Give it a name and use the same name on your mantra node in the "Extra image planes" tab.


There is also a tutorial at CMIVFX that covers the subject pretty well if you have an account.


Hope this helps



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