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Memory Leak in White Water Solver

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Hi guys!


I'm having problems with the Whitewater solver. My memory fills up and around 360 frames I crash.

I've read the following article about it: 




But I don't think this applies to my scene. I've written out the entire .sim sequence from my DOP network (I needed all the collision data as well) so all the fields should be there.

Just as a precaution I've loaded only the "surface" and "vel" fields via a dopfields import as my whitewater source. So that no irrelevant data is loaded into the whitewater sim. This seems to be working correctly.

No matter how I cache the White-water solve though...my memory always seems to fill up rather quickly and eventually crashes my houdini. the scene is rather large though...but I'm writing directly to disk.


Am I missing something? any comments or advice is, as always, greatly appreciated :).

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A side note: the same also happens when I use all the defaults directly from the shelf...

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SideFX has been able to reproduce my crash with this scene. So for now...it's a confirmed bug and it has been communicated to the developers.

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