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Inky growth following a noise pattern

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Hey everyone, I've been playing around with VOP networks with a little bit of VEX here and there and I wanted to give myself a challenge (not that it isn't already a huge challenge) while I learn these new techniques.  I'd like to eventually create something that grows and animates into something like  this image.  


I know there are potentially a lot of steps involved in creating an effect like this, so any guidance would help a lot.  I'll be posting my hips along the way.


I don't have a lot of experience with generative art, but I think the best way to begin would be to create a similar image with only texture so I can wrap my head around some of these noise concepts. Here are some of my initial thoughts on the process:


  1. I like the overall smokey/wispy movement to the piece mixed with the finer more viscous noises scattered throughout.  I'm thinking maybe a particle driven growth will work?  Like the particles will create the wispy flow as splines grow and follow.  A finer noise will be layered on to get the sticky feeling
  2. I also like the depth to the piece, it looks like an alien mountain range. Maybe it would be nice to influence the growth with a painted attribute? A spline thickness or spline spacing falloff in the y direction would be nice too so i can get those peaks and valleys.  
  3. Maybe the peaks and valleys can be created with a noise that forms in the negative space and the growth happens outside of that.
  4. Having a color ramp on the y axis would allow me to color the points based on their heights

That's it for now.  I'll try to post some starting hips as soon as possible.


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