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How was this done - bubbling surface

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Hi all,


I'm a newbie and first time posting on the forum, so please forgive me for my ignorance!

I'm only starting out in houdini but I'm trying to explore ways of creating realistic bubble animations, could anyone please point me in the right direction for how this setup was built:



I know it's probably particles emitting off the surface, but how do you create the boiling effect and particularly how do you mesh the whole object with the bubbles being hollow and having double sided walls?


Any help much appreciated! Many thanks.

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Hi Roarke,


This video might give you some ideas about simming (if it's full blown fluids you're after) -



Outside of that you could probably get away with something much simpler based on increasing the pscale attribute up to a limit for points scattered on the surface or over life for particles birthed.


In terms of surfacing a good place to start is the VDB based fluid surfacing workflow that is put down by default if you create a fluid sim from the shelf, consider it a starting point and run with it from there, have a play around with the settings and learn what changes what.


Anyway hope these things give you a push in the right direction,



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Hi guys,


maybe i can help since the video you posted is made by me ;)


The link to the orbolt store is not my asset and i'm kind of irritaded right now, since this asset from sidefx has exactly the same name as my asset (geoboil). I mean this could also be a coinsident, but i have not given my asset to sidefx or anyone else and i haven't published it on orbolt myself. Sure, there's no copyright or anything else and everyone is of course allowed to rebuild it and i'm also sure that i was not the first one to build something like that, but still, it's kind of strange to find this in orbolt.




I used spawned particles on the surface which create simple spheres that grow over lifetime. Then the whole shape (small sphere and big main sphere) is meshed using VDBs. After that i also create VDBs from the small spheres (bubbles), erode them a bit to make them smaller and subtract these from the big shape to make the bubbles hollow. Then jsut mesh the resulting VDB and you're done.


Hope this helps.




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edit: ok...i just downloaded the asset from orbolt and it actually IS my asset. This is weird and not very funny since i haven't uploaded it by myself. Time to find out how it landed there.

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