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Depth pass comp issue

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I am facing a weird issue when i am trying to comp my z depth from file rendered from Houdini in Nuke. I am getting weird red edges even if its not in focus that blurs it. Also blur is so weird. I know for sure its not the problem of Nuke because z defocus node is working well with another exr I downloaded over internet. I don't know what I am missing.

Any pointer will be very helpful.





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try 'minmax idcover' in the Pixel Filter

Thanks Marty,

It worked really well. Can I ask why min max idcover thing worked even its not present in drop down of pixel filter. Usually I use Gaussian 2x2 but that didn't even work?



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Guest tar

It's the bottom option - Object With Most Pixel Coverage (no filtering)


Gaussian won't work as Z-depth is based on float values, and where you have smooth anti-aliased edges it is interrupted as a different depth.


The very best thing to do is probably render with 'Sub-Pixel Output' checked - then do you defocus on it, then reformat it down in Nuke.


Of course then a another cool method is use Deep output and  Bokeh from http://peregrinelabs.com/bokeh/ :)

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