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[SOLVED]VEX Code for $FPS?

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HI All,


I have a line of VEX code that calculates the current time. I could not find the attribute for $FPS so I just left that as hscript.

float current_time = @Frame/`$FPS`; // Current time in seconds.

I would like this to be 100% VEX. Does anyone know what the vex equivalent of $FPS is?

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@Time is what you want.



To answer your question, there is @TimeInc which is the time between frames or substeps. The reciprocal or 1/@TimeInc is equivalent to $FPS so there you go.


The key in the above statement is the time between "substeps". When working with foreach workflows or simulation type workflows, you should bias all your time based attributes with @TimeInc fyi. Protects you from those times you deploy substepping.

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